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Anyone and Everyone Are Welcome

Anyone and Everyone Are Welcome Anyone and Everyone Are Welcome Anyone and Everyone Are Welcome By Maeve Maddox A reader asks for clarification regarding the use of the phrase â€Å"anyone and everyone† in such sentences as these: Everyone knows they love to talk on the phone to anyone and everyone. Anyone and everyone is [sic] to speak to you on the phone. You will speak to anyone and everyone who might listen. Anyone means â€Å"an individual person†: I will give a free book to anyone in the audience who can solve this problem. - Only one person or a selected few (depending upon how the problem is presented) will win the book. Everyone means â€Å"every person in a group†: Everyone in the audience received a video recorder. - All of the audience members received a free recording device. The combination â€Å"anyone and everyone† is used in the context of a welcome or invitation as a way to emphasize inclusivity, as in these examples from the Web: Anyone and Everyone are invited  to join the server after we open, which is very soon.   Anyone and everyone are  invited to Roundtable.   Anyone and everyone are  welcome  to come  hack on things. Sometimes the phrase is used in the sense of â€Å"people in general† or â€Å"people of no specific qualifications: Today anyone and everyone  can set up an online business.    Amazon also maintains a flourishing side enterprise in  self-publishing, where  anyone and everyone  can write an e-book. And sometimes, especially when preceded by just, â€Å"anyone and everyone† occurs in the context of exclusion: If  just anyone and everyone are  too easily included, we are saying in effect that anything goes.   We dont want just anyone and everyone, just a select few. We will  not  sign on  just anyone and everyone. We demand the  best. We dont work for  just anyone and everyone. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:When to Capitalize Animal and Plant NamesTelling a Good Poem from a Bad One3 Types of Essays Are Models for Professional Writing Forms

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Socrates Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Socrates - Assignment Example Upon making his defense against those accusing him, Socrates went forward to respond to the charges that were being leveled against him. To begin with, Meletus had indicated that Socrates was an evil doer in that he was found corrupting young people, did not believe in the state gods, and had introduced personal divinities. To defend himself, Socrates asked Meletus to offer himself in order to respond to some questions he wanted to ask to him. Socrates was particularly skillful in his questions, which resulted in Meletus not only contradicting himself but also making accusations that were totally meaningless. His statements meant that Socrates was the only person in Athens who was affecting the young people. At the same time, Socrates admitted that no one would deliberately make people worse and at the same time, live with them. From this point of view, it is difficult to say that Socrates was making or turning the people worse, or Socrates was doing so involuntarily. In either case, Socrates was not responsible for any crime; therefore, ought not to be punished. The Meletus opposition to Socrates was based somehow on grounds of religion because he simply did not confide his faith in the gods associated with the state. In fact, when interrogated about it, Meletus insisted that Socrates was an atheist. Of course, the charge was ridiculous, and Socrates made that clear by indicating that Meletus had disagreed with his earlier statement that Socrates had introduced new divinities and yet did not confide his faith in any supreme being (Plato 3-7). In reality, Socrates, whilst not accepting the widely accepted conceptions of religion, was a religious person. Socrates had a deep belief in the religious meaning of the world and life, along with a strong belief in God as a source of moral obligations. Socrates, for many generations, has been considered as a hero and

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Motivation letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Motivation letter - Essay Example I believe that a masters’ degree places me in a better position to explore different fields of research and collect data that will be helpful to the future generations. Another reason that influences me to pursue a masters’ degree is my lifelong desire to be a senior member in the corporate sector. I like giving directions and being the boss. In order to be a corporate leader, a masters’ degree is a requirement. Currently, promotion in the workplace is based on professional and academic merit (Telò 10). At the same time, most of the employees have pursued a bachelors’ degree. This gives an added advantage to those with a Masters’ degree since their field of competition is narrower. Holders of a Masters’ degree are also preferred in many organizations because they have acquired experience interacting with people while doing academic research. I have studied international relations in my bachelors’ degree. However, since this was my first time learning the subject, I believe this was just an introduction. I wish to enroll in the Masters’ program in order to increase my knowledge of the subject and make me more competent in the professional sector. I do not find the need of going to school and later end up without a distinguished title. In one of my long-term goals, I hope to gain a distinguished title of a doctor and a professor. I understand that one must have completed a Ph.D. to acquire the doctorate title. Successful completion of the Masters’ degree will qualify me to enroll in the Doctorate program. This will also give me a valuable opportunity to apply for teaching in a university. I hope to join the Masters’ program in order to enhance my practical aspect of international relations. There is not a single time in my life that I got a chance to interact with people of diverse cultural backgrounds than during my stay at the University. Studying a Masters’ degree will give

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Summer Farm by Norman MacCaig Essay Example for Free

Summer Farm by Norman MacCaig Essay Summer Farm by Norman MacCaig characterizes the comparison of nature and human life. The poet uses the language to describe the environment while relating it to the narrator. The poet also uses different language technuiques to describe and streghten his message in the poem The poem starts with the description of the narrators surroundings. The tame lightnings shows us that things that seem wild and dangerous can be controlled like how situations in our lives that are out of proportion can be handled. Moreover, the lightnings hang zigzags on hedges. The zig zags could represent the shape of lightning or how nature is very random unlike our lives where we have regular routines. However nine ducks go wobbling by in two straight lines shows that even nature can be set in course, thought the word wobbling denotes the sense of order. The second stanza is about animals in the barn. It conveys the animals that would typically be found at a barn and uses their behavior to show a point in his message. For example A hen stares at nothing with one eye However a hen has to be looking at something, but the use of words one eye is odd, random almost. Nevertheless it could mean show the world in a animals point of view and ours is entirely different. Then it goes Out of an empty sky a swallow falls. I believe that this use of metaphor is describing his mind. The empty sky is his empty mind, and the swallow is a train of thought. Dives up again into the dizzying blue. The swallow (thought) was brought into the barn but, the impact from falling surely would have caused injures. Perhaps the thought is of somewhat importance. Then the swallow dives into the dizzying blue. The world dizzy could mean confusion, maybe the thought was a bit confusing? And then the swallow disappears back into a empty sky. The third stanza represents the narrators thoughts and the movements of its mind. It starts I lie, not thinking the word I shows that indeed the narrator is talking about himself. He lies in the cool soft grass where he could be searching for comfort or relaxation. Then he compares himself with a grasshopper with plated face unfolds his legs and finds himself in space. It is clearly shown that the grasshopper is reflecting the same movements and thoughts. They both have came to relax and find themselves in space.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Humans are a Cancer of the Earth Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Arg

Humans are a Cancer of the Earth Earth has undeniably suffered a rapid deterioration in health over the past few centuries. The symptoms of her illness, including global warming, water pollution, and deforestation, are ever-increasing and cannot be ignored. Dr. William Hern believes he has discovered the culprit behind this malady: Homo ecophagus, a newly-coined label for the present day humans that are devouring the environment in cancer-like fashion (Dr. William Hern, p. 8). His diagnosis involves drawing parallels between a malignant neoplasm and humans. My immediate reaction after reading this thesis was to reject a proposal that so debased the human race and exacted such a harsh blow to every human's ego. Upon further consideration, however, Hern's reasoning becomes less blatantly offensive and more plausible. Although his argument and its correlating implications contain some contradictions, his overall points appear regrettably compelling and difficult to refute. By medical definition, a malignant neoplasm is diagnosed on the basis of four main qualities: unrestrained growth, consumption of surrounding tissues, spreading to satellite regions and de-differentiation of cells. According to Dr. Hern, the human population reflects each of these characteristics in some way. He anchors his argument by systematically linking each of these four cancer indicators to the effect of humans on their environment. A summary of his points include the following: 1) Unrestrained Growth: Over the past two thousand years, the entire human population has displayed J-shaped growth, a model that demonstrates no leveling of growth rate in the proximate future (Southwick, 159). Through estimates of agricultural and energy resource cons... ...ntel's argument against the invincibility of the tech fix is thus more persuasive than Hern's perspective on the matter. This weakness in Hern's argument, however, does not rob his argument of its validity. The value of Hern's thesis lies in its capacity to clarify an otherwise vague concept - the scope of human damage to Earth - to the identifiable destructive properties of cancer. If nothing else, such a stinging view of human beings serves as a sharp warning, a red flag to call our attention to our destructive methods. Â   REFERENCES: Hern, Dr. Warren. "Why Are There So Many of Us?" Southwick, Charles H., Ch. 15 from "Global Ecology in Human Perspective" Oxford Univ. Press, 1996, pp. 159-182. Pimentel, David. "Impact of Population Growth on Food Supplies and Environment."

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Catholic form of Christianity Essay

The Eastern Orthodox form of Christianity and the Roman Catholic form of Christianity as said to differ on many fundamental issues. Most individuals, in attempting to distinguish between Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, immediately just cite that the differences are in the Pope or Purgatory or even sometimes the filioque. Historically, however, the differences are far more numerous and quite profound. The first fundamental difference between these two religions is on the issue of the fall of man. Roman Catholicism teaches that all humanity is liable for their â€Å"original sin† and that all men are born with â€Å"original sin†. The implications of Adam and Eve’s banishment from the Garden of Eden in the Roman Catholic Faith are that man is born with original sin and nothing more, unlike the beliefs of the Eastern Orthodox, who believe that when Adam sinned against God, he introduced death into the world. The fall of Adam or the fall of man in the view of the Eastern Orthodox form of Christianity signifies the mortality of man and that death highlights the passions in man such as anger, hate, lust and greed which are borne out of the realization of death. Roman Catholicism ignores the Orthodox conception of man as slave to death and instead believes that man’s passions are manipulated by the devil. Another fundamental difference between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholicism is on the issue regarding the interpretations of canons. In the Roman Catholic faith, canons are rules or guides for governing The Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church also continually evolves these canons by introducing new ones or revising them to suit the needs of the changing times and cultures. The Eastern Orthodox does not regard these canons as laws, which regulate human relationships or secure human rights. The Orthodoxy views canons as the means of forging the â€Å"new man† or â€Å"new creature† through obedience. Canons are trainings in virtue that are meant to produce holiness. While the Roman Catholic Church, as previously mentioned, currently updates the canons and discards the old ones, the Eastern Orthodox Church Orthodoxy never discards the old ones because of their belief that those cannons were also inspired by the Holy Spirit. Arguably, the most important fundamental difference between the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic forms of Christianity is in the manner of knowing the existence of God. The Eastern Orthodox faith believes that man’s knowledge of God is intrinsic in his nature. Man is born with the knowledge of God because it is inherent in human nature and that is how man knows that God truly exists. This belief also holds that man’s knowledge of God is fixed in nature and man cannot know anything more about the truths of God unless God chooses to reveal this to man. This belief is contrary to the Roman Catholic belief that God’s existence is constantly known, felt and verified by an examination of the other things that God has created in this world. Human reason, as the Roman Catholic Church believes, is capable of knowing and proving the existence of God. Man is capable of beholding the essence of God with his intellect and with the assistance of grace. The Eastern Orthodox Church therefore believes that God’s existence is already known to man by his nature while the Roman Catholic Church establishes the existence of God through man’s use of reason. These Three (3) fundamental differences, fall of man, canons and proof of God’s existence, differentiate what seem to be similar if not identical branches of Christianity. But as many have said, it really does not matter how you worship and revere God in so much as you follow the truths in life such as charity, love, peace and respect for all of mankind.

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Eddie Mabo is not only a hero of the film Mabo Essay

In the film , the director Rachel Perkin demonstrate us that Eddie Mabo is a hero . He commit himself fully to fight tirelessly for aboriginal rights of land. In the process , Eddie Mabo get much support by his wife, his lawyers, his friends. These people sacrifice something and bear pressure for supporting Eddie Mabo. So these people also are heroes. Meanwhile , Australia government also is anti-hero, the government admit the mistake and reconcile with aboriginals and apology. Nera . Eddie Mabo’s wife. As a wife she bring up their family with Eddie often absent, ans in the early days has to work at night in a prawn-packing factory to help when she heavily pregnant with their fourth child. Nera’s support for Eddie does not only involve†¦show more content†¦Finally, he helps Eddie win the case Those example tell us that Bryan is justicial, so he also is a hero. Dave passi is Mer Islander who with Eddie fight , in the supreme court, Killoran intimidates David Passi and his two brothers withraw as plaintiffs. But when the case take to the High Court , Dave Passi returns as a plaintiff, the return of Dave Passi provides new hope for case. We can see Dave Passi bear much pressure. But he still decide to give Mabo support. This action show us Dave Passi is full of justicial energy as well as Bryan . So , Dave Passi also is a hero. In the film , we can fell the white society is full of racism. In north western Australia , Eddie Mabo going fo r a drink after work with his fellow white co-workers, he is denied service by the publican , who says, â€Å" you! Out the back!† Later in Townsville he finds this attitude is actually entrenched in white law. Again refused a drink at a bar. Eddie Mabo is told â€Å" It’s not me, mate. It’s the law† .On 26 January , British invade New South Wales.They entrench European culture and customs in the life of the aborigines.they enforce aborigines learn European culture and do not respect the aboriginal culture. However, At the beginning of the film , we can see the Australia government reconcile with Aboriginals . The first screen , Paul kneating says â€Å" Mabo establishes a fundamental truth and lays the basis for .† In fact ,The action tell us the government admit these action that they didiShow MoreRelatedAustralian Films - Screening Responces3687 Words   |  15 Pagescoverage shift from the notion of entertainment? Along with Newsreels, Women’s Weekly gives great historical significance to the beginning of new age Australian Media. But newsreels were shown in cinemas before feature films and the introduction of television, making it the only source of socio-cultural knowledge of Australia’s context. Week 2: Screening National Identity ‘Kenny’ (2006) Australian Cultural Studies should focus largely on Australian history, development and moral beliefs